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Michael and Nicki

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Michael and Nicki Duncalfe work with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

PNG is an amazingly beautiful country with a hugely diverse mix of peoples and cultures. It is also a country with great needs, some common to developing nations, some due to the rugged geography.

Recent Updates

We have now left the MAF PNG programme and returned to England. Leaving after 25 years was obviously difficult, but we are certain that the Lord has guided us through the decision to leave.

Our final News from the Duncalfes and also Duncalfes' Diaries are on our News page. Both include how to stay in contact with us if you'd like to, or how to continue to support MAF or another family serving with them.

We both give you our very sincere thanks for the interest, the prayers and the financial support you've given us over such a long period.


Recent photos.